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The Resurrection Maker. The new novel by Glenn Cooper

An author who has quickly climbed the charts of best-selling books in Italy. A treasure for the publishing house North that publishes its novels: from the first novel, Library of the dead (trilogy with The Book of Souls and The Librarians) to the last The Resurrection Maker (the new novel that recounts the mystery of the Grail). Do not forget The Tenth Chamber, Near Death and The Devil Will Come. Glenn Cooper graduated in Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine and Archaeology at Harvard University, became a novelist.
I’ve interviewed to know something more about him, but the author will not lean too much perhaps to keep that sort of mystery that hovers always in his books.
You worked in the field of pharmacology, how did you start writing?
Actually my first degree was in archaeology at Harvard. Medicine was second. I began writing during a time I was doing pharmacology research because I needed an intellectual counterpoint for balance in my life. I wrote movie scripts for 20 years, unsuccessfully, before I wrote my first novel, Library of the Dead.
As you build your novels? How is the idea that makes you write?
I always start with a high concept (a what if?) and these ideas usually come to me through a process of active daydreaming. Then I need a plot and that’s the harder work.
The new book is based on the topic of “Holy Grail”. The book could be described as “One of many” book already writen. Are you afraid of this?
I wasn’t scared about writing the millionth book about the Grail because I was sure my concept and storyline had never been done before. And you won’t find one mention of the Templars in the book!
(No Knight Templar because, actually, these knights have been used by many authors in their books that spoke of the Grail. I think that there aren’t more stories to be invented on the Knights Templar and the Grail.)
There may be a masonic note in the book?
If there’s a masonic element here it’s news to me.
(I thought there might be a sort of freemasonry university, since we are talking of the Grail Loons which is a group of researchers, university professors who come together to bring news about the Grail. )
After your written books: the trilogy of the library guardians, two books about adventure and mystery and a modern topic with of the imminent end of the world, you go back to the ancient mysteries. Why?
I follow my latest good idea without thinking too much about genre or sub-genre. Some ideas are good as a stand-alone book, others as a small series. If I were only thinking about the best way to sell books I’d stick with one iconic hero and write a never-ending series.
I have noticed that for the last written books, there was not a long waiting time. Are you writing already the next book? Or have you already a new idea?

I write constantly with only a month break in-between projects. I have a very high tolerance for work which probably comes from all my years in corporate life. A book a year is a very comfortable pace for me and that translates into publishing a new book every year. With that said, I’ve just finished a new book which will be the first in a trilogy. I’m not saying too much about it yet but I think it’s the most interesting and exciting concept I’ve ever had. In a year we’ll see if readers agree.

While waiting to read the new trilogy Glenn Cooper, we read The Goblet of Life and we wander in to the mysterious atmosphere of the Grail quest, between France, Montserrat between King Arthur and his descendants, the sword Excalibur and more.
Many thanks to Glenn Cooper who found the time to answer my questions.

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