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ROME: From “DOLCE VITA” To “THE GREAT BEAUTY”. The International mail-art project

«Mail art
 (also known as Postal art and Correspondence art) is a populist artistic movement centered around sending small scale works through the postal service. It initially developed out of the Fluxus movement in the 1950s and 60s, though it has since developed into a global movement that continues to the present. The American artist Ray Johnson is considered to be the first mail artist, and the New York Correspondence School that he developed is considered the first self-conscious network of mail artists». (WikipediA. The Free Encyclopedia)
«Yet “La Dolce Vita” and “The Great Beauty” are twins, after a fashion: fraternal twins rather than identical, different sequencings of the same DNA. Both movies explore modern malaise, the emptiness of “the sweet life,” by whirling their cameras around a decadent Eternal City. And yet each film comes to a separate conclusion. If “La Dolce Vita” is about a youngish man losing his soul, “The Great Beauty” is about an oldish man, against steep odds, reclaiming his». (The Boston Globe)

International mail-art project
Rome: July 21, 2014 Tiber Island
Rome: July 23, 2013 Artea Creativity Lab
And more...
After the success of the International Mail Art Call “Rome: from “Dolce Vita” to “The Great Beauty“, IL TEMPO LA STORIA and ARTEA has organized the preview of the show in a suggestive place in Rome: The Tiber Island.
From the world more than sixty Artists have answered at the our call sending their works. All the works will be exposed the next 21 July (at 20.00 p.m.) in the splendid frame of the Tiber Island.
The Show will be prepared within the twentieth edition of the ISOLA DEL CINEMA. The exposition are included in the “Roman Summer 2014”.
The Show is realized in collaboration with “MAJORA FILM”, “ISOLA MONDO” and “MAMMA ROMA E I SUOI QUARTIERI”.
The Show will be exposed again on July 23 in the new space of the ARTEA CREATIVITY LAB (Via Carlo Pisacane, 55 – 00152 ROME) where possible will be besides to visit, always free, also the permanent one of Ugo Ferrero.
A lot of they will be the correlated initiatives to the initiative and they will be all you communicate on our profiles social and on this site. In the meantime we wait you to the shade of the Tiber Island on July 21 from 20 p.m.
List of Artists:
From Italy:
Antonio Amato, Gabriele Anniballi, Lavinia Arcesi, Tiziana Baracchi, Ieva Sara Breikša, Mariangela Calabrese, Lamberto Caravita, Lorella Castagnini, Bruno Chiarlone, Marianna Di Felice, Mario Di Giulio, Fausto Leonio, Claudia Leonini, Ruggero Maggi, Ale Martoz, Cinzia Mastropaolo, Barbara Monacelli, Emilio Morandi, Silvano Pertone, Ivana Petullà, Eugenio Ratta’, Mauro Rea, Rossella Ricci, Emmi Rothner, Roberto Scala, Renata Solimini, Giovanni Strada, Renata Strada, Giuseppe Luca Torraco, Rosanna Veronesi.   
From Europe:
Maria Achilleos (Cipro), Lora Azza (France), Marijah Bac Cam (France), Marija Barkidija (Croatia), Sara Lucia Carbonara (United Kingdom),  Ann Conlon (Ireland), Dominic Corrigan (Ireland), João Castela Cravo (Portugal), Pál Csaba (Hungary), Juan López de Ael (Espana), Pedro Demetriou (England), Dimov Dimitar (France), Deirdre Houston (Ireland), Luc Fierens (Belgium), Kevin Gillen (United Kingdom), Jörg Laue (Germany), Lillian Carland Malbašić (Srbija)Jovana Mitić (Srbija), Katerina Nikoltsou (Greece), Marie Padden (Ireland), Klaus Pinter (Austria), Kadie Schmidt-Hackenberg (Germany), Lars Schumacher (Germany), Susanne Schumacher (Germany), Sander Steins (Netherlands), Jaromir Svozilik (Norway)
From the World….
Sabine Blodorn(Australia), Joel S. Cohen (Usa), Kimmer Guccione (Usa), Jonathan Johnson (Usa), Imaginé par B. (Brazil),  Alexander Limarev (Russia), Rebecca Lomuto (Usa), Dórian Ribas Marinho (Brazil), Maya López Muro (Argentina), Keiichi Nakamura (Japan), Charles Papillo (Usa),  Marvin Piqué (Usa), Planer (Russia), Sheri Rice (Usa), Willyum Rowe (Usa), Nikki Sclair (Usa).
Every other information can be in demand sending an e-mail to

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